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One of the highlights was the small, quiet piece by sand artist Katrin Weißensee, who presented entirely unique images.
From: "Atemberaubende Artistik gepaart mit Humor" (“Breath-taking artistry coupled with humour")
Gießener Anzeiger, 21.01.2012


Katrin Weißensee has a very unique way of mesmerising people with her sand painting. She tells stories with sand that have their own poetry – magical, soft, and yet powerful. ...
From: "Ihre Sandmalerei verzaubert das Publikum" (“Her sand painting mesmerises the audience”) Katrin Weißensee at the OVAG International New Year's Variety Show
Gießener Allgemeine, 17.01.2012


Apart from acrobatics, somewhat less traditional genres could be found in the variety programme, such as the Berlin sand painter Katrin Weißensee, the Dutch magicians “Magic Unlimited”, and the Mikheev trio … Circus performances at the highest level …
From: Abgehobenes beim Neujahrsvarieté (High times at the New Year’s variety show)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Rhein-Main, 16.01.2012


Katrin Weißensee paints with sand, which she sifts from her hand onto a projection surface and elegantly moves about with her fingers – images of poetry and alluring serenity.
From: Schwerkraft aufgehoben - 10. Neujahrsvarieté der OVAG begeisetert mit Weltklassekünstlern (Gravity eliminated - 10th OVAG New Year's variety show wows with world-class artists)
Frankfurter Rundschau, 14.01.2012


Particularly enjoyable was Katrin Weißensee, who performed shortly before intermission. The artist created sand images on a glass plate using her fingers.
From: Hoppla! Hier fliegen die Tassen ... - Neujahrsvarieté der OVAG ... (Whoops! Watch out for flying cups ... - OVAG New Year's variety show)
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 12.01.2012